Did you know that 42% of young carers say that no one in school has recognised their caring role?

Young Carers Day is coming up on the 25th of January so it’s time to start planning activities to help create an awareness of the duties and responsibilities that these young people take on. Have a look at the different resources below produced by Carers Trust.


Be an Agony Aunt for a Young Carer

The Young Carer Quiz

Young Carer Case Studies

Ideas for activities and Lessons

Young Carers: Who are they? What do they do?

What you can do to mark Young Carers Awareness Day



Why not have an assembly, make a film or host an event to raise money?

These activities may help young carers in your school open up about their role, or even realise they’ve been taking on the role of a young carer without knowing it. Educators will also be more aware of their role and what it entails, so be able to provide support and signpost to other organisations.

So go out and get planning!