We are setting you a challenge today!

As social media often has a negative impact on mental health we want to challenge you to use social media positively and make people happy.

Here are some ideas on how you can make someone smile today. #FriYAY!


Have you …?

Checked the feed of an old friend to see what they’re up to?


Send them a message instead!


Did you …?

See a meme that made you think of your friend?


Tag them in it!


Were you …?

Shocked by how weird that filter made you look ??


Share it and give your friends a giggle.


When your …

Friend shares a picture of their new outfit.


Tell them how great they look! #OOTD


When the …

… struggle is real.


Share an inspirational quote to motivate yourself, your friends and your followers. #JustKeepSwimming


Need a rant?

Don’t share your thoughts online; negativity spreads.


Instead, talk to someone you trust about what is troubling you!



Remember, happiness doesn’t just have to be spread online try making people happy offline too.

Tell a joke, open the door for someone or give someone a hand: there are loads of small things that you can do to make people happy!