FIFA - basics1

Fifa – Basics of the game!

Got football fever? Picked your World Cup winner? ⚽️? Get to grips with the digital version!

FIFA is a computer/video game developed by EA Sports. You play by building, managing and competing with your own football team. The teams are based on real-life and contain high profile players from all around the world. ?

?There are solo and multiplayer modes.

?You can play against friends or against other players worldwide.

?FIFA releases a new game each year!

Age Rating: FIFA is rated PEGI 3.

Fifa - basics

There is no inappropriate content in the game itself, and users will enjoy the strategy of playing as an entire team. However, gamers can chat freely with their opponents using Voice Over IP (VOIP) when playing against other players online and may be exposed to profanity and inappropriate content. Because players have a shared interest in the computer game and football they will have lots to talk about but having shared interests does not make them real friends.

Top Tips 

? Discuss talking to strangers online with children. Ask them to play the game on mute, or to not use a headset. This prevents them being exposed to inappropriate language and behaviour.

? Make sure they know not to share any personal information with strangers online. This includes usernames for other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat.

?Show them how to report someone in the game.

?Remind them that they don’t have to be on the computer to play get in on the football frenzy. Encourage children & young people in your care to get outside & stretch their legs by playing tournaments with their friends!

?Advise and educate them on scams. Tell them they should not click on any messages or links they receive which make them feel unsure. Even if the link looks like it has come from EA, think before you click. These may be viruses or inappropriate website links disguised as something else.

?Give FIFA a go yourself & play against children & young people in your care! ??