We all know what a cookie is, right?!


“Me want cookie!”

“Me eat cookie!”

“Om nom nom nom”

No Cookie Monster! Not THAT type of cookie. ?

We mean the one you always see online when websites ask you to ‘allow cookies’; HTTP cookies.

allow cookies

In simple terms, HTTP cookies are text files that generally contains two pieces of information;

1. The name of the website

2. A unique user ID

When you visit a site, these files (cookies) are downloaded to your computer (only if you allow them to!). This means that the next time the computer visits that site, it is recognised and the previous preferences, are enabled.

Your Personal Information

If you enter information with a website, such as your e-mail address and password, that information will be encrypted so other people can’t get it. Cookies do not share your personal information with the website you are on.

Cookies are stored in your browser so you can delete them if you want. Although you may have to re-enter your information again!