Think Before You Broadcast!

Broadcasting live can be a really fun way of sharing a moment with your friends and family but you need to be careful because it’s easy to get in trouble or make a mistake.

Always, think before you broadcast!

If you’re not sure whether you should stream or not, think of this traffic light system;

icons8-traffic_lightRed = Danger Danger
Orange = Think First
Green = Good to go


Get Consent!
Always get the consent of the person or people you are broadcasting. This includes your siblings, friends, family and strangers.

Who has the rights?
The larger media broadcasters will pay a lot of money to broadcast sports games and music concerts. If you broadcast at these events, you could get in a lot of trouble for doing so!

Do you own the copyright?
Recording a film in a cinema is known as ‘film theft’ and is an offence. You should never broadcast a cinema screen.

When in Danger!
This may seem silly but when someone is in danger, people have been seen filming and taking photographs rather than running to get help. Safety is ALWAYS more important than getting content to share online.


Question your motivation?
Those instant reactions of hearts, likes and gifts can make us feel good but it’s important you don’t rely on them to make you feel better.

Think about your Audience!
Wouldn’t want your carers, parents, teachers, grandparents, school lunch lady, football coach and your future boss from seeing it? THEN DON’T BROADCAST IT!

Blocking someone’s view?
When we go to an event we’re excited about, we want to save the memories to enjoy them later. Just make sure your phone isn’t blocking the view of the people behind you.

Personal Information?
What information are you giving away about yourself? This includes your location, your favourite sports team or musician, or other information that people could use to put you at risk.

Who is watching?
Do you know exactly who is watching what you broadcast? Make sure you know everyone you’re broadcasting to and have control over who can see what you share.


I know everyone
Great! It’s a lot of fun being able to share experiences with your friends and family when they aren’t with you.

I know exactly who is seeing my posts
You get a gold star ⭐️ for knowing exactly who can see your live streams. You get an EXTRA gold star ⭐️if you have done a ‘privacy settings’ audit within the last month.

I think about what I’m sharing first
Taking a moment to think before you share can stop you from sharing something silly that might get you in to trouble.

I’m careful about what I share
You get another gold star ⭐️ for being careful about what information you share online. You #SavvySharer!

I am allowed to share this
This is a really important gold star ⭐️ for you. Always be mindful, respectful and compassionate when posting about others online.

We’re missing something, what is it?

Oh yes – It’s the final gold star!! ⭐️

You get it when you share this article with another person. ?