Your Safer Schools insight into the Fortnite Item Shop

Do you know how your money is being spent on Fortnite?

Whilst it is free to play, there are options to make additional in-app purchases within Fortnite’s item shop.  New items are released daily on the shop & are only available for 24 hours after the initial release. This brings a sense of urgency and a need for the latest items, feeding the already addictive nature of Fortnite.

Know how your money is being spent on Fortnite this holiday season and download your free item shop guide here:

What’s included?

✔︎ Understanding V-Bucks (Vinderbucks)
✔︎ What will your V-Bucks buy you?
✔︎ Item Rarity
✔︎ What is a ‘Battle Pass’?

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