Has it been a while since you made someone smile?

When we talk about online safety, it can often focus on how tech can be used for bad instead of good. Our Be Positively Social campaign on our twitter feed has been running this summer.  This campaign focuses on how we can change our behaviour and spread positivity online.

Why not share these in your classrooms and use them as discussion topics as to how pupils can spread their own positivity online?

Don’t filter out your flaws

Filters, whether augmented reality, colour-based or distortion-based, can increase feelings of insecurity. Teaching children and young people body positivity can help counteract these feelings. Download and share the video. 

In a world of…

It’s very easy to forget the “Social” aspect of social media, sometimes all we need to do is send a smile ?. Download and share the video.

You popped into my head…

If we miss someone, we may be more prone to check up on their social profiles rather than contacting them directly, which can lead to missed connections and feelings of loneliness. Why not send them a message instead? Download and share the video.

Not all heroes wear capes

Teaching responsible online behaviour is vital in the battle for online safety. Educating children and young people on how to report users for inappropriate behaviour is a fundamental tool in that battle. Download and share the image.

Casper isn’t the only friendly ghost.

Snapchat Ghost Mode comes with risks but when used with correct privacy settings, it can be a force for good too! Download and share the image.

Sometimes, sorry is all you need to say. 

This week there’s been a lot of buzz about the Face App, with privacy concerns being raised about where and how the images are stored. Download and share the image.