Youth Produced Imagery

‘Dispelling the Sexting Myths’

London | Bristol | Wakefield | Preston | Birmingham

Priority Places for this Free* Seminar will be allocated to ‘Safer Schools’

A Safer School is a school who has it’s full programme of insurance with Zurich Municipal.

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An in-depth look at ‘sexting’ and image-based abuse,  the impact it has and why we should move away from victim-blaming.

A seminar developed to equip professionals with a working knowledge of the potential risks that ‘sexting’ and image-based abuse pose to children and young people in both an educational and legislative context. The seminar includes a workshop to help delegates explore how educational professionals can manage and respond to the challenges presented by image-based abuse.

Seminar Learning Objectives

1. Learn about the varying motivations behind both youth produced imagery and image-based sexual abuse.

2. Gain an awareness of the language used and how to apply this in practice as we move away from victim-blaming.

3. Develop confidence in responding to incidents within the DFE and legislative guidelines and educational environment.

4. Understand and discern the cross over that exists between mental health and youth produced imagery.

The Safer Schools Initiative is a partnership between Ineqe Safeguarding Group and Zurich Municipal. 

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