Dispelling the ‘Sexting’ Myths Seminar

Take an in depth look at ‘sexting’ and image based abuse, the impact it has and why we should move away from victim blaming.

This seminar has been developed to equip professionals with a working knowledge of the potential risks that both ‘sexting’ and image based abuse pose to children and young people within an educational and legislative context.

The seminar will include a workshop to explore how educational professionals can manage and respond to the challenges presented by image based abuse.

Event Schedule

  • Welcome & Introduction to Safer Schools
  • Youth Produced Imagery Session
  • Break
  • Workshop
  • Break
  • The Safer Schools App; How to Launch

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About the Speakers

Hannah Paul, Director of Operations

A digital safeguarding expert with a deep insight of online harms, developed over many years whilst working directly with schools, pupils, parents and carers.

Roseanna Long, Learning and Development Specialist

An experienced Learning & Development professional, with a background in Interactive Media & a student of Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

Bradley Thorne, Safer Schools Engagement Officer

Bradley is a people orientated professional with experience in digital media, broadcasting and client management.


Discover your Safer Schools App – Download PDF

Sextortion Printable Leaflet – Download PDF

UKCCIS Guidelines – Sexting in Schools and Colleges – Download PDF

NSPCC – Sexting: Advice for Professionals – Visit Website

IWF: Trends in Online Sexual Exploitation – Download PDF

DFE Guidelines, Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019) – Download PDF

Abuse through sexual image sharing in Schools (2018) – Download PDF

Ofcom, Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report (2018) – Download PDF

‘Confident’ and ‘hot’ or ‘desperate’ and ‘cowardly’? Meanings of young men’s sexting pactices in youth sexting culture (2019) – Download PDF


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