At Safer Schools we believe that every day is a Safer Schools Day. For this year’s Safer Internet Day, we’re giving you a FREE lesson from our Teach Hub to help positively influence your pupils.

This lesson is the first of many teaching resources from online bullying to fake news that we will be rolling out to all of our Safer Schools. Our lessons are created by teachers for teachers, so we’ve tried to think of everything you need, from lessons on a range of topics to lesson plans which save on ink!

Why is this lesson important?

Safer Internet Day is a catalyst for providing children with the tools and knowledge to be safer online. This lesson will provide your children with the skills to think critically about the posts and videos they see online from their favourite celebs, sports stars, singers, gamers and creators.

What exactly is an influencer?

I’m sure many of your pupils spend a lot of their spare time scrolling through Instagram or watching Twitch or YouTube. Many of the popular creators on these platforms have wide influence on what they buy, what games they play, what they wear or the language they use. The lesson teaches pupils about what influencers are and what to be wary of.

Is this lesson going to be easy to use?

Simply pick up the easy-to-follow lesson plan which guides you through the PowerPoint. The lesson plan gives you some additional information in blue and red font – this provides guidance from our experts to help you seem even smarter in the eyes of your pupils.

What learning is covered in this lesson?

  • Who influencers are and what they do
  • The positives and negatives of influencers
  • The dangers of advertisements posted by influencers
  • How to identify negatives from an influencer’s post/video

We hope you and your pupils enjoy this lesson and can gain a deeper understanding of influencers. I’m sure your class will have fun playing the Fandom Name Game, whilst also gaining the knowledge and the skills to be more critical of the posts and videos they see online.

Remember that we have even more FREE lessons coming soon for all of our Safer Schools. This includes topics such as Image Sharing (Sexting), Online Bullying, Online Gaming/PEGI Age Ratings, plus much more.

We would love to hear your feedback! Let us know your thoughts on this resource by emailing us [email protected] or call us on 028 9600 5777