The recent government guidance acknowledges the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives and stresses the importance of knowing how to keep ourselves and our children safer online. 

The guidance covers the following:

  • The importance of staying connected using technology during social distancing

  • Staying safe with security and privacy settings to block unsuitable content and prevent fraud

  • Checking the facts and preventing the spread of false information and harmful content

  • Taking a break from news, social media and screens

  • Advice for parents/carers on parental controls, healthy boundaries, and talking about online safety

Check out the Home Learning Hub, Teach Hub and Safeguarding Hub for resources to help engage children and young people with online safety. 

If you have the Safer Schools app, make sure you check the alerts section throughout this week, we will be circulating top tips in easily digestible formats to help you keep children and young people safer online.

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