TikTok Private Message Ban for U16s Comes into Effect 

  • Today TikTok bans under 16s from using its private messaging function. This means anyone under 16 will see the function disappear from their app.
  • We’ve made a video discussing the ban and whether or not it will help keep children and young people safer on the platform.

NSPCC Report a 20% Rise in Child Abuse Calls

  • NSPCC figures have shown a 20% rise in calls to their helplines since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, from adults who are concerned about child abuse.
  • In the first month of lockdown, calls regarding children facing potential abuse increased from 529 to 792. Overall, calls have risen from 1867 in the four weeks before lockdown to 2,216 between 23 March and 19 April.
  • Calls may be coming from neighbours, delivery drivers or extended family 
  • The NSPCC fear lockdown could be intensifying abuse as schools and other spaces remain closed.

Concerns of Gang Recruitment as Young People Remain out of School

  • A Children’s Commissioner has suggested that children out of school are at a heightened risk of being recruited by gangs. 
  • The report has said that hundreds of thousands of young people are no longer being monitored at school placing them at greater risk
  • The Commissioner called for the government to ensure local councils and teachers remain in communication with vulnerable students

Discussions on New Legal and Medical Measures for Child Sex Offenders 

  • Proposed Legislation dubbed the Vanessa George bill has passed its second reading in the House of Lords. The law will prevent child Sex abusers from leaving prison if they refuse to name victims.
  • A medical trial that used medication to limit testosterone may reduce risk levels of male child sex offenders. But experts warn that the research tackled sexual thinking rather than offender behaviour and called for further research

Concerns Social Media Companies are Failing to Tackle Scams 

  • A report published by consumer watchdog Which? has claimed that social media companies are not doing enough to combat scammers who are selling people’s details on their platforms. 
  • Which? found over 50 profiles, pages and groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram selling stolen credit card details as well as account details for Netflix and Uber Eats.
  • To learn more about current scams check out our recent coronavirus scams article.

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