Major News Organisation calls for Measures to Stop the Spread of Fake News

Concerns about Contact Tracing App Privacy 

  • The government plans to launch a contact tracing app to exit lockdown amid concerns from experts. 
  • Concerns have been raised around the sensitivities of processing healthcare data and the implications on privacy rights as the government refines how it collects and stores the information. 
  • Experts have indicated that there may be legal and ethical issues surrounding the data collection.

Younger Pupils Could Return to School First

  • Ofsted’s Chief Inspector has said there is a ‘great deal of logic’ in allowing younger pupils to return to school first. 
  • Amanda Speilman suggests that the youngest pupils need structure and routine, which is best served in school. She argues that ensuring the youngest return to school will also lift the burden on many parents.
  • She acknowledged that the reopening of schools must be balanced with the impact on the NHS. 

One-Fifth of UK homes with Children Going Hungry During Lockdown 

  • Data from Food Foundation shows the number of homes with hungry children doubled since lockdown began 
  • 30% of lone parents and 46% of parents with a disabled child are struggling to meet basic nutritional needs at home. 
  • A government scheme to give children at risk, £15 for meals each week continues to see delays. 
  • Demand for food bank services from children has increased by 121% since the lockdown began.

Hundreds of Children Under 6 Referred Under the Prevent Strategy

  • Figures obtained by the Times have revealed that 532 children under the age of 6 and 1,181 children aged 6 to 9 have been referred to Prevent between 2015 and 2018.
  • UN experts have said the UK’s counter-terrorism program violates human rights and disproportionately targets minorities. 
  • The government is under legal pressure over continued delays to a formal review of its controversial counter-terrorism strategy

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