Social Media Companies Struggle to Stop Spread of Conspiracy Videos

  • Major social media platforms are trying to remove a new video spreading disinformation regarding coronavirus. 
  • The video has been created to high production standards and has been shared on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 
  • The video claims that Coronavirus has been manufactured to exert control over the population.  
  • This video comes after the UK government challenged large social media platforms for not doing enough to tackle the spread of fake news.

Child abuse images streamed at child fitness class

  • A fitness class on Zoom, which was being streamed to 60 children, has been ‘zoombombed’ with child abuse images in Devon. 
  • Devon and Cornwall Police have said that the Hacker had gained access to the meeting because details were published on an online forum. 

Calls for credit card freeze on porn sites

  • Campaigners have called on financial institutions to review their role in the pornography industry 
  • In a letter, campaigners said it was impossible to verify consent in videos added to platforms making these websites a target for child abuse and predatory behaviour
  • The UK’s Internet Watch Foundation confirmed they found 118 instances of child sexual abuse on Pornhub between 2017-19

Concerns for Child Protection During the Pandemic

  • Last month over 60 legal protections for vulnerable children were removed or weakened
  • A charity has threatened legal action and MPs have tabled a motion to annul the regulations 
  • 6-month reviews for foster children now take place ‘where reasonably practicable’ 
  • More than 78,000 children are in care in England. 

160,000 suspicious emails forwarded to scam busting service 

  • The suspicious email reporting service was recently set up by the UK National Cyber Security Centre
  • The suspicious emails have led to 300 websites being shut down, many who were selling coronavirus tests, face masks and vaccines.

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