UK Contract Tracing App Faces More Privacy Issues

  • MPs and rights groups have said that the UK’s contract tracing app cannot be rolled out without increased privacy and security measures. 
  • The joint committee on human rights has called for immediate legislation to avoid violating the Data Protection Act. A Letter from the Open Rights Group has claimed that the UK government failed to follow laws and submit a risk assessment to the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

Twitter to Place Warning Labels on Misleading Tweets

  • Twitter will introduce labels and warnings on tweets that contain misleading or disputed information relating to COVID-19. 
  • Twitter will also remove tweets related to COVID-19 which are in danger of causing harm to people’s health or wellbeing 
  • Yoel Roth, Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity said ‘These labels will apply to anyone sharing misleading information’.

Guidance Issued in England for Reopening Schools

  • The Department for Education has released guidance for the phased reopening of schools in England. 
  • Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that 65 education workers have died from COVID-19
  • There are significant levels of concern being expressed by a number of individuals and groups about the plans for a phased reopening of schools. 
  • Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s general secretary said “Parents and staff need full confidence that schools will be safe before any pupils return. The government must work closely with unions to agree a plan that meets the tests we have set out,” 

How the Pandemic is Impacting ‘County Lines’ 

  • On a positive note, an inner-city youth worker in London has said that the pandemic has created an opportunity for young people caught up in gangs to turn their life around. 
  • The National Crime Agency has said that criminal organisations ‘have been put on the back foot’ because of the pandemic. 
  • But gang experts have warned that young people may be more vulnerable to exploitation online as gangs use the internet to groom and exploit young people.

Lockdown puts people at risk of Self-harm in Wales 

  • Mental health charities have warned that the reduction in mental health services during the lockdown has led to a greater risk of self-harm and suicidal behaviours. 
  • Hafal, a leading mental health charity has said some services have disappeared or have been drastically reduced.

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