Instagram Announces New Measures to Challenge Online Bullying

  • Instagram has announced a series of new features which are aimed at helping users manage negative comments received, as well as highlight positive ones. 
  • Instagram has also added controls to manage who can tag or mention users, which has been a source of bullying in the past.
  • These new features come alongside Facebook’s fifth edition of its Community Standards Enforcement Report, which details how well the company has been able to enforce its policies.

Facebook Flags Fake News 

  • Facebook has published its latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, which shows warnings have been placed on over 50 million pieces of content for sharing disinformation regarding COVID-19 since March 1st.
  • One major theme of disinformation has been 5G telecommunication masts being responsible for the spread of COVID-19. Razor blades have been hidden behind anti 5G posters in England. Openreach engineers have been advised to take extra care.

Man Charged With Attempting To Groom Children Via Snapchat

Facebook Moves to Support the Psychological Wellbeing of its Moderators

  • A lawsuit settlement has seen Facebook pay $52 million to its third party content moderators. 
  • The settlement comes after moderators filed a lawsuit in 2018 against Facebook for failing to protect them from severe mental illness associated with exposure to harmful content. The settlement grants US moderators, who were part of the class-action lawsuit $1000 each, with diagnosed cases receiving $10,000. 
  • In a statement, Facebook said it is “grateful to the people who do this important work to make Facebook a safe environment for everyone. We’re committed to providing them additional support through this settlement and in the future.”

Headteachers Raise Concern about Schools Reopening 

  • Head Teachers and council leaders have said that the government plans to reopen schools by the 1st of June are ‘not feasible’. 
  • Paul Whiteman, who is the head of the National Association of Head Teachers said “as we understand the requirements of social distancing today, we do not think that’s possible in terms of the return that’s outlined in what we’ve heard overnight and the day before”, warning that many schools would not be able to limit classrooms to 15 pupils.

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