The Department for Education Launches the Safer Schools NI App for Children amid Online Grooming Concerns. 

Facebook Launches Messenger Rooms

  • Facebook has officially launched Messenger Rooms worldwide, a group video chat function.
  • It is believed that Messenger Rooms is their response to the increased popularity of Zoom and other video group chat platforms.
  • Messenger Rooms will allow up to 50 people to talk in a single room. Each chat has no time limit and users don’t need a Facebook account to join. 
  • The good news is that privacy features include locking rooms, blocking people and removing unwanted participants.

Misleading Coronavirus Videos are Popular on YouTube

Church Sues Zoom

  • A California based church is suing the video conferencing platform Zoom after a bible study class was ‘zoombombed’ with images of child abuse. 
  • A spokesperson for Zoom has said they ‘identified the offender, took action to block their access to the platform and reported them to the relevant authorities.”
  • This recent ‘zoombomb’ comes amid Zoom announcing new security features to stop this sort of incident from happening in future.
  • To help you stay safe while using online video conferencing check out our ABCs of Live Video Conferencing.

Online Criminals Look to Exploit Loneliness

  • Victim Support has said organised criminals will try to exploit people’s loneliness during the lockdown using romance scams.  These scams groom victims into handing over cash to help their ‘new love’.  
  • Research has shown that people have lost upwards of £47,000. 
  • Organised criminals will target those they think are lonely and build relationships over weeks, before asking for large sums of money.

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