Latest iOS Update Exposes More Apps Reading User’s Clipboard Data

  • LinkedIn and Twitter have been found to be reading iPhone users clipboard data, after being exposed by Apple’s new iOS 14 privacy notification feature.
  • The new feature, which has yet to be released to the general public, alerts the user when another app accesses text within the Apple clipboard. 
  • The new feature has so far exposed a total of 53 apps accessing the clipboard data on startup, including TikTok and Facebook. 
  • All Apps have now said they will update their platforms to ensure this does not happen anymore.

Fortnite Hosts New TV Show to Tackle Racism

  • Fortnite hosted a new tv show about systemic racism in a series of conversations dubbed “We the People”  featuring Van Jones, a CNN political commentator, former editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth and The Atlantic writer Jemele Hill. 
  • Despite some negative feedback from Fortnite players via twitter, the event was welcomed by many users as an important step in stamping out racism in the gaming world. 
  • Epic Games debuted Party Royale in April, a separate non-violent social space from the main Battle Royale island. It has also hosted virtual concerts from musicians 
  • This news comes at a time of young people’s renewed interest and awareness of inequality, racism and discrimination, which has flooded online spaces.

Italian Police Break up Child Sex Abuse Ring

  • Italian police have broken up a child abuse ring used to share illicit material, including photos of newborns, via an instant messaging platform.
  • Police said on Saturday that the crackdown involved dozens of search warrants and led to the arrest of three people for allegedly possessing huge quantities of child abuse material depicting minors. About 50 people are under investigation.
  • The police statement said investigators had discovered photos of nude minors and other “horrifying content, depicting actual sexual violence where the victims were often newborns”.
  • Police said some of the images had been produced at home. The material was exchanged on an instant messaging platform that investigators did not identify except to say it was well-known.

Criminal Gangs Using Young People Disguised as Key Workers to Deliver Class A Drugs

Local Council Failed Student With Special Educational Needs Twice 

  • A mother and her son who has special educational needs have twice been failed by a local authority, the Local Government Ombudsman has said.
  • In 2018, Norfolk County Council was accused by the ombudsman of not ensuring the boy received suitable education for a period of eight months.
  • Now the local council is accused of leaving him without suitable education for seven months after school placement problems.
  • The council said it has apologised to the family and paid compensation.
  • The ombudsman was asked to investigate after the mother said the council had failed to provide her son with a suitable education after his school placement broke down, meaning he was without proper education.

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