The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have asked us to tell you about a rise in online social media scams.

What are the concerns?

  • The PSNI say there have been more reports than usual of online scams, where people try to ask users to send money or gift vouchers

  • Scammers are building friendships with young people on some platforms and then asking them to send money or gift vouchers 

How to avoid scams:

  • Remember to only talk with, and share your username or contact details with, people online that you know offline

  • Understand how to block and report anyone who asks you for money

  • Talk to an adult you trust if anyone tries to become friends with you online

  • Be aware of anyone pressuring you into making fast decisions or if you have to say no multiple times

Further information

  • If you have concerns about how someone is talking to you online check out the CEOP website for some advice

  • For further information about scams, visit the ‘Scams’ section in your app

  • If you are worried about anything you see online you can also talk to Childline