TikTok Reconsiders HQ in London

Twitter Hacked Via Employee Tools 

  • Following last week’s reported security breach, Twitter has confirmed that hackers used tools that were supposed to have only been available to its own staff to carry off Wednesday’s hack attack.
  • The breach used the accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates,  and other celebrities to tweet a Bitcoin scam.
  • Twitter also revealed the perpetrators had downloaded data from up to eight of the accounts involved. It declined to reveal their identities but said none of them were “verified”.
  • In a statement, Twitter said, “we are continuing our investigation of this incident, working with law enforcement and determining longer-term actions we should take to improve the security of our systems.”

Neo-Nazi Group Target Young People on Social Media 

Key Workers Struggle as Childcare Facilities Close for Summer

  • Tech companies may be prevented from sending data back to the US after the latest ruling in a case at the court of justice of the European Union (CJEU) concluded that there are not enough protections against snooping by US intelligence agencies.
  • The ruling will not apply immediately but requires data protection authorities (DPAs) in individual member states to vet the sending of any new data to make sure people’s personal information remains protected according to the EU’s data protection laws (GDPR).
  • The case was started after Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems lodged an official complaint. He argued that the privacy of European citizens could not be guaranteed, following revelations from the Snowden affair.

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