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Leading Social Services Director Warns of Huge Rise in Child Protection Referrals Post Lockdown

  • The head of the biggest child protection department in the country has said they are facing a crisis when children return to school in September. 
  • Matt Dunkley, Corporate Director for Children and Young People at Kent County Council, says there could be an increase of 250% in referrals of children that need to be investigated and kept safe when lockdown is eased further.
  • Mr Dunkley said: “What we are looking at is a huge surge in September in children needing to be seen, families needing to be assessed, when they are at the end of their tether after six months being locked down or being out of the eye of their school”.
  • Before the pandemic, councils were warning of a £3bn gap in funding for children’s services, as towards the end of last year thousands more children required protection.

Domestic Abuse Calls Soar Throughout Lockdown

  • New figures show more than 40,000 calls and contacts were made to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline during the first three months of lockdown, mostly by women seeking help.
  • In June, calls and contacts were nearly 80% higher than usual,  according to the charity Refuge, which runs the helpline. As restrictions ease, there is a surge in women seeking refuge places to escape their abusers, the charity says.
  • The government says it prioritised help for domestic-abuse victims  during lockdown. The Home Office said it is focused on ensuring vital support services remain available.
  • The Minister for Safeguarding, Victoria Atkins said “the government remains resolute in combating this vile crime”. 

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