Twitter and Facebook Remove President Trump’s Post on Fake Virus Claims 

Twitter Hackers Hearing Zoombombed with Porn 

  • A court hearing for the Florida teenager accused of being behind last month’s major Twitter hack was repeatedly ‘zoombombed’ with pornography. 
  • The 17-year-old was asking for a lower bail amount, after pleading not guilty to the charges on Tuesday, but Zoom users – changing their names to mimic CNN and BBC News employees – dropped in to the meeting uninvited.
  • Florida newspaper the Tampa Bay Times reported that the “interruptions grew so frequent… Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher C Nash ended the Zoom hearing temporarily”. However, the interruptions resumed when the hearing did.
  • Some attendees played music down the line. Another used Zoom’s screen-sharing feature to play pornography, which reporters said was the final straw that suspended the meeting.
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TikTok Plan to Build Data Center in Ireland 

  • TikTok has said it plans to build a $500m (£375m) data centre in Ireland.
  • It will store videos, messages and other data generated by European users from the short-form video-sharing app.
  • Until now all of its users’ records were stored in the US, with a back-up copy held in Singapore.
  • The announcement comes at a time when President Trump has threatened to ban the app in the US on the grounds its Chinese ownership makes it a national security risk, which TikTok’s Beijing-based parent company Bytedance denies.

Instagram Officially Launches Reels

  • Instagram has launched Reels in the UK and is now available to use in the Instagram App. 
  • Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s dominance of short term video sharing and lets users create short-form videos set to music that can be shared with friends and followers or discovered while browsing the app.
  • Reels allows people to record videos up to 15 seconds long and add popular music, as well as an array of filters and effects over the top of them.
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Google Remove YouTube Channels Linked to China

  • Google has deleted more than 2,500 YouTube channels tied to China as part of its effort to weed out disinformation on the video-sharing platform.
  • The company said the channels were removed between April and June “as part of our ongoing investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to China.“
  • The channels generally posted “spammy, non-political content,” but some touched on politics the company said in a quarterly bulletin on disinformation operations.
  • The report comes as tensions between the US and China over technology and social media rise ahead of the US general election.

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