Facebook begins to Merge Instagram and Messenger Chat

  • Facebook has begun merging Instagram’s messaging feature with Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram users will begin seeing prompts that ‘there is a new way to message on Instagram’ 
  • If users ‘opt-in’ the regular ‘Direct Message’ Icon will be replaced with the Facebook Messenger Logo 
  • It is not yet possible to message Facebook users from Instagram 
  • Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1billion, they also acquired Whatsapp in 2014 for $19 billion

Domestic Abuse Surged During Lockdown

  • A joint investigation by BBC’s Panorama and Women’s Aid surveyed the impact of the pandemic of domestic violence 
  • They reported that one call related to domestic violence was made to police every 30 seconds in the first seven weeks of lockdown
  • Calls included reports of kidnap, arson, revenge porn and poisoning 
  • Three-quarters of victims said the lockdown has made it harder for them to escape their abusers 

The program will be screened tonight at 7.30 pm – visit Women’s Aid for more information

Facebook Algorithm found to ‘actively promote’ Holocaust Denial

Pressure Mounts on Government to Solve Exam Crisis

  • Ministers across the UK are facing calls to resolve the exam grades crisis, days before the publication of GCSE results on Thursday 
  • There are concerns about the use of an algorithm to decide grades for students across the UK, who were not able to sit exams due to the ongoing pandemic
  • Northern Ireland and Scotland have will rely on teacher assessed grades, but England has not yet done the same
  • The government has defended the approach they has used to determine grades

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