Investigation shows Child to Parent Abuse Surged During Lockdown

  • Thousands of children have attacked their own parents during lockdown, according to new domestic violence figures obtained by GMB (Good Morning Britain, ITV)
  • The investigation revealed that police forces in England and Wales recorded a 25% increase 
  • Jane Griffiths, Founder and Director of CAPA First Response, a charity set up to help family members experiencing this type of violence stated that it is a hidden part of domestic abuse
  • Griffiths added: “Young people that use child to parent abuse are doing so out of fear, lack of being in control and feeling unsafe. When you add Covid into that mix… that behaviour is going to be magnified and intensified
  • The government announced £2million for domestic abuse services in April and will be working to better understand child to parent abuse

WHO Briefing – Young People are not Invincible to Coronavirus

  • A Coronavirus briefing held by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Tuesday highlighted some key messages 
  • In particular, in response to a question about photographs of young people in close proximity at a pool party, the WHO epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove, stated that we should not be blaming people for wanting to get back to their ‘normal’ lives 
  • Kerkhove stated that “Instead we want to make sure the message to young people is not to scare them but to recognise that no one is invincible and we are seeing young people getting seriously infected”
  • The recommendations from the briefing suggested that we should be encouraging young people to make considered decisions and if it is possible to avoid crowded places

Instagram Launches Suggested Posts Feature

  • Instagram has found a new place to display ads: at the end of your feed. This feature is called ‘Suggested Posts’
  • From 2018, users were alerted with “you’re all caught up” appearing once they had viewed all new content. This was designed to help overuse of the App and curtail the addictiveness of social media use
  • The ‘suggested posts’ feature will now take the space of “you’re all caught up” and show users organic posts or advertisements
  • This increased advertisement space will have a significant impact for businesses but may not be helpful in supporting digital well-being efforts as users are encouraged to keep scrolling
  • The feature is now rolling out globally 

Fortnite can be Reinstalled on iOS even After Removal by Apple

  • Fortnite disappeared from the App store last week as part of developer Epic Games’ legal and regulatory shutdown with Apple
  • However the game has not disappeared entirely.If you have the game downloaded on your phone you can still play it
  • If you have never downloaded the game, you won’t be able to access it now
  • But if you have downloaded the game at least once and then removed it, there is still a way to reinstall on your iOS device (see article for more detail)
  • Epic have announced Fortnite’s next season, Chapter 2 Season 4, will launch 27th August but won’t be available on iOS due to the ongoing disagreement

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