Health Authorities Warn Over Dangerous Beauty Hacks on TikTok 

  • A series of healthcare groups have warned that DIY beauty trends on TikTok could be harmful and dangerous 
  • Trends include removing moles at home, using eyelash glue to plump lips, using suncream to create contour effects, and applying bleach directly to teeth for whitening
  • The British Dental Association warned that  DIY teeth whitening could cause ‘permanent damage’
  • The British Association of Dermatologists said: “It is important to remind people that social media should not be used as a primary source for dermatology issues”
  • A government spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care said they were “concerned by reports of dangerous and misleading cosmetic beauty ‘hacks’ circulating on social media”
  • TikTok told BBC news that the videos do not violate its community guidelines

Auschwitz Museum Calls TikTok Trend ‘Hurtful and Offensive’

  • The Auschwitz Museum,  on the site of the former Nazi death camp, has released a statement about a TikTok Holocaust trend calling it ‘hurtful and offensive’
  • The trend reportedly involves young people roleplaying as Holocaust victims, telling stories about how they died 
  • The Museum said on twitter that: “…Some videos are dangerously close or already beyond the border of trivialization of history”
  • They emphasised the importance of discussing the trend: “But we should discuss this, not to shame and attack young people whose motivation seems very diverse…”
  • Over  1 million people were murdered at the former Nazi death camp according to the museum

YouTube Video Take Downs Doubled During Lockdown

  • In the second quarter of this year saw YouTube remove over 11 million videos, a rise from 6 million from the first quarter
  • YouTube said it opted for “over-enforcement” as it had fewer reviewers working during the lockdown
  • Some videos were removed in error, normally 25% of videos are reinstated after takedown, but this had now risen to 50% 
  • 35% of removals were for ‘Child Safety’ which was the top reason for takedown 
  • The company also removed 2 million channels in the same period, with more than 90% being removed for scams, spam or misleading information

34% of Girls Won’t Share Selfies without Enhancement 

  • Girlguiding’s Annual Girls’ Attitudes Survey found that around 50% of girls regularly alter their appearance online
  • 33% of girls said they would delete a photo if it didn’t get enough attention 
  • The survey was made up of 2,186 girls from 7-21years old, across the UK
  • An advocate for Girlguiding, Phoebe Kent said she felt influencer culture was one of the most damaging aspects of social media 
  • This year Girlguiding submitted evidence to the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into body image