The use of social media within an organisation can bring many benefits and opportunities. Used appropriately, it can reach out to an entire community and provide engaging and timely information. This is especially important today as we are socially distanced and relying on technology and online platforms to communicate.

Many people already use social media in their private lives, and many organisations encourage the use of social media to promote positive messages. However, the distinction between personal and professional is often hard to define and there may be times when personal use will impact on the organisation or workplace.

It is essential that when accessing and using social media, staff must, at all times conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on themselves and the organisation.

It can sometimes feel challenging to navigate and engage with social media as a professional. We have some tips below to get you started.

Staff should follow the organisation’s guidance and Appropriate Use of Social Media Policy.

Sensible SOCIAL MEDIA Tips

Social – Social Media rules – obey service providers terms and conditions

0bjectives – Follow the organisation’s aims and objectives

Capacity – Don’t over-promise. Ensure the organisation has the capacity to meet online demand

Inform – Inform and engage the wider community. Providing timely and appropriate information

Always – Abide by the organisation’s policies and standards

Listen – When appropriate, respond to the community

Media – Promote your Social Media presence both online and offline

Example – Set an example by your online etiquette and professional behaviour

Don’t confuse private and personal use of Social Media

It does not belong to you. Approved Social Media platforms belong to
the organisation

Abusive or aggressive behaviour should not be tolerated – know when to block, report or take appropriate action

Want to know more?

For more advice and guidance on the use of social media, check out our Appropriate Use of Social Media Online Training and more.

Deputy Head Teacher, Mike Jamieson shares his thoughts on our SSNAP Workshop.

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