The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has disrupted the lives of people all over the world, whilst bringing monumental change to how we teach and care for children and young people.  

Unfortunately, a major theme of the pandemic has been the spread of misinformation. The internet has played host to countless conspiracy theories, dangerous home remedies and falsehoods. In these trying times, factual and reliable information is more important than ever.  

To support different forms of learning, and ensure you have the tools to help children understand Coronaviruswe have prepared a short animation, a story book and an activity. Our animation now has over 250,000 views on YouTube and has proven extremely popular with helping children understand the current context.  

The aim of these resources is to be informative and reduce heightened levels of anxieties about the ongoing pandemic. 

Printables & Resources

Scheduler for Lower Primary

Download this flexible visual daily schedule for reliable family routines.

Scheduler for Upper Primary

Download this flexible daily schedule for reliable family routines.

Important Contacts List

For anyone self-isolating, use this template to keep your contacts’ details close.

An Adult Offering to help

Make a positive difference in your community & offer support to vulnerable or isolated people.

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Free Printable:
Gratitude Journal!

A free printable resource for young people (and young people at heart) to write down the things they’re grateful for, helping them develop a more positive mindset.