Following continued coverage of the risks the platform can pose to children and young people,  TikTok has announced changes to its parental control settings.  This article details the changes to the parental control settings and provides an overview of existing settings you can use to protect the children in your care. 

What has changed?

 The following new features mean that parents can now:  

  1. Restrict who can view their child’s profile and comment on their posts 
  2. View what videos their child has liked  
  3. Control what their child searches for including hashtags, videos, user profiles and sounds

Existing TikTok features already allow parents to:  

  • Set a time limit on their child’s screen time 
  • Limit content that isn’t suitable for their child 
  • Manage their child’s privacy and safety settings 
  • Choose whether their child’s account is private or public  

We’ve created a series of resources, designed to help parents, carers and safeguarding professionals to empower the children in their care to be safer on TikTok:

TikTok: Safety Card

TikTok: Wellbeing

TikTok: Family Paring

TikTok: Block a User

TikTok: Privacy Settings

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