40 years jail for South Korean chatroom sex abuse group leader

  • A South Korean court has sentenced the mastermind of one of the country’s biggest online sex abuse rings to 40 years in jail
  • Cho Ju-bin was found guilty of running a group that  blackmailed girls into sharing sexual videos that were then posted in pay-to-view chatrooms
  • At least 10,000 people used the chatrooms, with some paying up to $1,200 (£1,000) for access
  • Some 74 people, including 16 underage girls, were exploited
  • “The accused has widely distributed sexually abusive content that he created by luring and threatening many victims,” the Seoul Central District Court said on Thursday
  • Cho’s criminal syndicate sold the videos it acquired through blackmail to secretive chatrooms on the Telegram app

TikTok announce new feature to prevent seizures in epileptic users

  • TikTok has announced a new feature that will allow people with photosensitive epilepsy to skip videos that could trigger seizures
  • It comes a few months after it began labelling videos featuring effects such as flashing lights
  • The Skip All option, to be rolled out in the next few weeks, will allow users to set their profile to not show these videos
  • An epilepsy charity said it hoped other social-media sites would follow suit
  • Users who come across a photosensitive video will receive a notification inviting them to skip all similar videos in future
  • TikTok said it wanted to make the platform “accessible for everyone”.
  • “Given the visual nature of our platform, we’re beginning this work with a series of photosensitivity features,” it added

Government water down plans to bring gigabyte broadband to everyone in UK by 2025 

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