Christmas shoppers get christmas warning

  • Online shoppers are being warned of the risks of cyber-fraud during the festive season
  • The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – part of GCHQ – is launching a major campaign called ‘Cyber Aware’ with its first ever TV ads
  • It says over last year’s Christmas shopping period there was an average loss of £775 per incident from online shopping fraud
  • The NCSC is outlining six key things people can do to protect accounts
  • Online shopping has seen significant growth this year and is likely to reach new levels at Christmas – even though  High Street shops are  re-opening again in many areas
  • The NCSC is working on the campaign with the Home Office, the Cabinet Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and aims to help individuals and organisations to protect themselves online

Hackers targeted vaccine supply chain

  • The international vaccine supply chain has been targeted by cyber-espionage, according to IBM
  • The company says it tracked a campaign aimed at the delivery “cold chain” used to keep vaccines at the right temperature during transportation
  • The attackers’ identity is unclear – but IBM said the sophistication of their methods indicated a nation-state
  • It follows warnings from governments, including the UK- of countries targeting aspects of vaccine research
  • For information on keeping your computers and device secure, read our latest article in which our online safety experts unpack cyber-security here

NHS Covid-19 and Zoom top Apple’s iPhone 2020 app charts

Warner Bros films set for release on streaming services

  • Warner Bros has escalated tensions between Hollywood’s studios and US cinemas with a decision to make all releases available to stream as soon as they hit the big screen
  • The move will enable film fans to watch the forthcoming sci-fi epic ‘Dune’ and the ‘Matrix sequel’ on HBO Max at the same time as their cinema release
  • Typically, new releases are shown exclusively at cinemas for months
  • But with many cinemas shut due to COVID, studio revenues have plunged
  • As a result, Warner Bros said all of its 2021 releases would go straight to HBO Max, the streaming service owned by its ultimate parent company AT&T

Sexual Offences to be retried in Northern Ireland due to ‘legislative error’