TikTok launches investigation into pro-anorexia content

Pornhub makes major changes

  • Pornhub has made significant changes to its content policies after a New York Times report detailed the damage done by non consensual videos posted to the platform, often involving underage girls
  • The platform will no longer accept uploads from unidentified users
  • The platform will also restrict uploads to content partners and members of the platform’s Model Program, although Pornhub plans to roll out a broader verification process for regular users in 2021
  • Once content has been uploaded, Pornhub will block downloading content entirely, no longer allowing users to export content from the site outside of paid downloads triggered through the company’s verified system
  • PornHub has also pledged to increase moderation of content currently on the platform through a newly established “Red Team,” dedicated to “proactively sweeping content already uploaded for potential violations and identifying any breakdowns in the moderation process.” 
  • The company has also pledged to publish its first transparency report in 2021, detailing the results of moderation from the previous year

PayPal criticised for misleading advertising 

  • An email sent by payment giant PayPal which promised customers a reward of £10 for using their account did not make it clear enough that not everyone would receive it, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled
  • The offer was only limited to the first 28,527 people to respond and PayPal said that it had made this clear in the terms and conditions
  • But the ASA said the ad must not appear in its current form again
  • In its defence, PayPal said that the marketing email “was designed to inform customers about the availability of the offer and included all significant qualifications and conditions”.
  • The email from PayPal, received on 29 September 2020, featured the greeting: “Long time no see. Here’s a £10 reward for you!”

UK plans to issue rules for big tech