Expert issues warning to those using OnlyFans

  • A rise in people posting explicit material of themselves online has prompted a warning for them to consider their “digital footprint.”
  • Prof Teela Sanders, a leading expert in the UK’s online sex economy said “a lot of people don’t think about their digital footprint when they start sharing content on sites…I think websites, where there is any sexual content created, have a social responsibility to their producers and customers to make people aware of safety issues”
  • People using subscription-based sites has risen with one such site claiming a 10-fold increase in users in 13 months
  • OnlyFans allows content creators to promote interests like lifestyle and fitness for a cut of the subscription
  • Explicit content can also be uploaded and such websites have been urged to warn creators of “safety issues”
  • Both content creators and subscribers on such sites have grown during the coronavirus lockdown as the pandemic has caused unemployment to rise – which has led people to look for alternative ways to earn money

Xbox Streaming confirmed for Apple devices

  • Microsoft is bringing its cloud game-streaming service to Apple’s iOS and Windows PCs in spring 2021
  • Previously known as xCloud, until now it has been available on Xbox consoles and Android smartphones only
  • Microsoft tried to launch the service on iPhones too, but the move was blocked by Apple, prompting a public row between the two technology giants
  • Now Microsoft says a new web-browser-based version will bypass Apple’s App Store restrictions

Facebook facing US Legal action over accusations of stifling competition 

Cyberpunk includes warning for epileptic users