Child abuse referrals to NSPCC up 80% since lockdown started

  • The number of referrals from the NSPCC about child abuse has increased by 79% since the UK-wide lockdown was imposed in March, according to the charity’s data
  • Calls to its helpline resulted in 923 referrals to police and social services between April and November
  • Almost a third related to neglect and the charity warned more children could be at risk over Christmas
  •  The Children’s Commissioner for Wales said the pandemic had a “real and significant” impact on the most vulnerable children
  • One caller to NSPCC Cymru’s hotline reported concerns their neighbour’s son was being neglected
  • They said they could hear the father screaming and shouting obscenities towards his three-year-old son

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    Queens Speech to be broadcast on Amazon Smart speaker 

    • The Queens Speech will be broadcast via Amazon Echo’s Alexa
    • Users will be able to summon Her Majesty into their living rooms from 3 pm GMT with the words “Alexa, play the Queen’s Christmas Day message”
    • The privilege isn’t reserved just for those from the UK;  anyone with their Amazon Echo set to English – be that British, American, Australian, Canadian or Indian – will be able to listen to the speech
    • “After a challenging year, millions of people from across the Commonwealth will be eagerly awaiting Her Majesty the Queen’s message on Christmas Day,” said Eric King, the director of Alexa Europe
    • For more information on using your smart speaker safely this Christmas, read our recent article here

    Bug gave away personal information on Instagram 

    • Security researcher Saugat Pokharel discovered a bug on Instagram which made it so that an attacker could easily get their  private information
    • The bug, which was fixed after being reported to Facebook, was exploitable by business accounts that were given access to an experimental feature the company was testing
    • The attack used Facebook’s Business Suite tool, available to any Facebook business account
    • All business users had to do was send a direct message on Instagram to call up the information.
    • Pokharel found that the attack worked on accounts that were set to private and accounts that were set to not accept DMs from the public