A brand new Absence Reporting feature is being made available in the Safer Schools App to the Parent/Carer user in the latest update. In this article, our team of online safety experts have unpacked the benefits and functionality of the new feature.

The Absence Reporting function will be added to the home menu of the app and will be available for parents and carers to report their child’s absences.

How does it work?

  • The feature will be accessible for  Parent/Carer  users of the Safer Schools app to report the child’s absences to their school.

  • To report a child’s absence, the Parent/Carer should sign into the Safer Schools app and select the ‘Report Absence’ tab on the home screen.
  • The Parent/Carer will have to complete a short form outlining the details of the child’s absence.
  • Any absences reported on the app, will be delivered to the designated school email address on the Safer Schools portal.

  • The Safer Schools administrator will use ‘Customisation’ on our new Safer Schools Portal to select an email address for absences.

What are the Benefits?

Streamlines the Process

  • Instead of making a phone call to the school directly, all the relevant information can be reported through the Safer Schools App.
  • This saves the Parent/Carer time as they do not have to wait on the phone to get through to the school at a busy time of the day. 

Creates a Paper Trail

  • When an absence is reported by a Parent/Carer it will automatically generate an email to the designated staff member at the school.
  • This centralises all absentee reports and creates a paper trail for audits.  

How do I Access This Feature?

To access this this feature, you will need to be a Safer School and have downloaded the Safer Schools App. You can do this via the App Store on iOS and on the Play Store on Android.

If you have already downloaded the app, you will receive this feature in the latest update.