Twitter adding visual features to Fleets 

  • Twitter is slowly looking to add more visual sharing options to its Stories-like ‘Fleets’ tool, with its latest experiment being a new option that would enable users to add a background video or image via their device camera or Camera Roll when re-sharing a tweet in a Fleet. 
  • When a user goes to share a tweet via Fleets, they are then able to add in either an already captured image/video as a background or create a new one, which can add more context to a Fleet response. 
  • Currently, users can only use a default, coloured Fleet background when sharing a tweet.
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    Twitter testing new ‘undo Tweet’ feature  

    • The evidence is mounting that Twitter will be adding an “undo tweet” feature 
    • App researcher Jane Manchun Wong’s work suggests this will be a paid for feature, as she discovered a subscription screen tied to the feature 
    • The ability to take back tweets has also shown up on a survey asking Twitter users about features they’d be willing to pay for, as well as in the code for the app, and CNET received confirmation today from Twitter that it is, in fact, being tested. 
    • When it will become widely available is unknown, and Twitter have given no timeframe as of yet. 
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    Instagram labelled as major recruitment platform for the far right by leading charity  

    • Instagram has become a hub for young neo-Nazis to recruit young people to far-right groups, a report from an anti-racism group has warned 
    • The recommendations-driven platform and focus on visual media make it ideal for spreading propaganda, Hope Not Hate (HNH) said in its annual State of Hate assessment 
    • HNH identified two far-right groups active in the UK – The British Hand and the National Partisan Movement – which have used Facebook-owned Instagram to recruit members, while using other messaging apps, such as Telegram 
    • Three alleged members of The British Hand, who are all teenage boys, are facing trial on terrorism charges 
    • Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s Chief Executive, said: “Though we continue to warn about niche platforms like Telegram, a fertile recruitment ground for young neo-Nazis has been Instagram” 
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    UK Leading to tech skills shortage as young people shun ICT qualifications 

    • The UK is heading towards a “catastrophic” digital skills shortage “disaster”, a think tank has warned.
    • The Learning & Work Institute says the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE has dropped 40% since 2015. 
    • Meanwhile, consulting giant Accenture says demand for AI, cloud and robotics skills is soaring. 
    • Experts say digital skills are vital to economic recovery following the pandemic.
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