Pets’ names used as passwords by millions, study finds 

        • Millions of British people are using their pet’s name as their online password, despite it being an easy target for hackers, a survey has found. 
        • The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said 15% of the population used pets’ names, 14% use a family member’s name, and 13% pick a notable date. 
        • 6% of people are still using “password” as all – or a part – of their password. 
        • The NCSC urged people to choose random words that cannot be guessed instead. 
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        Ofsted Chief suggests problem of sexual abuse lies outside of schools 

        • Sexual abuse among pupils could be “happening outside of school” rather than being caused by a culture problem within institutions, Ofsted’s Chief Inspector has said. 
        • Amanda Spielman said testimonials posted anonymously by students on the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website has shown a “crossover very often between things happening outside of school bleeding into children’s lives within school”. 
        • She added that Ofsted’s review into the issue will aim to make it easier for children to report sexual abuse allegations to their school.
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        Pupils’ mental health issues increasing in past year  

        • Nearly four in five teachers have seen mental health issues among pupils increase over the past year, a survey suggests. 
        • More than three in five (62%) believe the Government has placed low priority on the good mental health of young people in educational settings, according to a poll from the National Education Union (NEU). 
        • The UK’s largest teaching union is calling on ministers to recognise that the wellbeing of young people is “just as vital” as their academic learning. 
        • The survey, of mainly teachers, school leaders and some support staff, suggests that two in three believe pressure to prioritise “catch up” of learning has presented a barrier to supporting pupils’ mental health.
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            Care home failed to prevent child sexual exploitation 

            • A report into a children’s home in Warrington has revealed how management failed to prevent young residents from being sexually exploited. 
            • The Home also failed to appropriately respond when a child alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by an older male. 
            • Details regarding the home have been withheld by Ofsted, 
            • The quality assurance visit was carried out to ensure that children were safe after concerns were identified from safeguarding notifications. 
            • But during their visit in February, Ofsted representatives found ‘significant shortfalls’ in safeguarding practice and procedures. 
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