Facebook will release audio features to rival clubhouse  

  • Facebook says it is building a host of new audio tools as part of a focus on “audio storytelling”. 
  • The new features are aimed at allowing people to post in sounds, in much the way they can currently post photos, videos or text. 
  • They include new audio creation tools that will allow people to edit and manipulate sounds, the ability to make short clips that can be shared in the News Feed like a status update, support for podcasts that can be listened to within the app and “live audio rooms” that work like viral app Clubhouse.
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Universities ‘must do more to tackle sexual harassment’ 

  • England’s university watchdog has said students must feel confident that they can report incidents of sexual assault or harassment on campus and be listened to. 
  • The regulator is urging universities to review their sexual misconduct and harassment policies by the summer. 
  • The move comes as more than 80 UK universities were mentioned on a website called ‘Everyone’s Invited’, where users have been sharing experiences of sexual abuse. 
  • A number of the UK’s top institutions, including Exeter and Oxford, were mentioned on the website more than 50 times.
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Devon and Cornwall Police investigate WhatsApp group promoting a national day of rape 

  • Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating the credibility of a WhatsApp group which it is claimed has been promoting a so-called ‘Rape Day’ on April 24. 
  • This was highlighted in ourou Safeguarding Alert, which was issued yesterday, focusing on the same developments on TikTok.  
  • It is not clear at the moment whether the group is a highly inappropriate attempt at humour or a genuine plan to cause harm.   
  • It is claimed that a local WhatsApp group has been set up to promote the day and has been joined by men from Falmouth.  
  • Police have confirmed that they are investigating the group.
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        Aberavon vicar sentenced for 200 indecent images of children 

          • A vicar has been sentenced to an 18-month community order after admitting to looking at hundreds of indecent images of children. 
          • The Rev Canon Nigel Cahill, the Rector of Aberavon, was suspended from his duties after being arrested at his Port Talbot home in June last year. 
          • The 61-year-old had pleaded guilty to two offences of making indecent images of children between 2016 and 2020. 
          • Judge Paul Thomas QC said Cahill would suffer significant public disgrace.
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          Herefordshire Council promises action after children ‘utterly failed’ 

          • A judge has questioned whether a council’s children’s services are fit for purpose after it “utterly failed” three young people. 
          • Mr Justice Keehan, based in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said Herefordshire Council did not have children’s “best interests” at the heart of its decisions. 
          • His criticisms were made in a ruling in the children’s case, published online
          • The council has promised “swift and decisive action”.
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