Thursday 20th May 2021

Music teacher who appeared on BBC’s The Voice jailed after sharing child abuse images

  • Paul Rajasegaram, 33, was jailed for more than two years on Wednesday, 19th May.
  • He was arrested at the school where he worked in January 2018 and his laptop was seized from his home. 
  • Rajasegaram admitted five counts of making and distributing child abuse images. 
  • Judge Gregory Perrins said it was “especially concerning” that Rajasegaram “readily and enthusiastically engaged in conversations about the sexual abuse of children who were in your care. 
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Apple announces a number of accessibility updates  

  • Apple announced a variety of new and updated features for people with disabilities. 
  • Customers can use the new SignTime sign language interpreter service to contact AppleCare and retail customer care through their web browsers. 
  • The new SignTime service is launching first in the US, UK, and France, and offers remote interpreter access for American, British and French Sign Language. 
  • People with physical impairments will be able to use Assistive Touch on watchOS, which should enable them to use their Apple Watch without touching the screen. 
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School parents’ evenings ‘to stay on Zoom after pandemic’  

  • School parents’ evenings are likely to remain virtual beyond the pandemic, the UK Government’s education catch-up tsar has pledged. 
  • Sir Kevan Collins told the Lord’s Youth Unemployment Committee that video calls were a “better way” to conduct the evenings. 
  • The National Association of Head Teachers said it hoped to see a hybrid model for such events in the future. 
  • One Mumsnet user wrote: “It worked brilliantly. We spoke to every teacher in under an hour. Normally, it would take the whole evening. We live over 20 miles from school so [it is] 30 minutes in the car each way.” 
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Twitch ‘hot tub streamer’ has ads pulled by streaming site

  • Amouranthone of Twitch’s most popular streamers said the livestreaming service has cut her off from advertising revenue, even though she has not broken any rules.
  • She is known for her video streams from a hot tub, wearing swimwear, which is permitted under Twitch’s own rules.
  • It is the latest landmark in a long-running row over so-called “hot tub streamers” and their high profile on Amazon-owned Twitch, which traditionally focused on game-streaming content. 
  • Twitch policies say that “sexually suggestive content” is banned, but its examples include suggestive camera framing, groping certain body parts, or “erotic dances, such as those involving stripping” 
  • In a stream on Wednesday after the ban, Amouranth told her viewers that her ad revenue “was making me $30,000 a month” and was much higher than the amount she received from direct donations from viewers. 
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