Tuesday 13th July 

TikTok opens first ‘pop-up’ venue in UK shopping Centre

  • TikTok has opened its first pop-up venue in the UK, allowing fans to interact with creators
  • The pop up will open until 8th August and is inspired by TikTok’s homepage, which highlights trending clips
  • Influencers will offer £5 sessions explaining how to make content for TikTok
  • Sessions will also be available for parents to learn how to keep teenagers safe on the platform
  • TikTok users will also be able to book free sessions to use the venue to create their own content
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Nicola Roberts Refuses Support for Online Safety Bill

  • Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts says she refuses to endorse the planned Online Safety Bill due to ‘loopholes’ in the legislation
  • The artist who has previously suffered abuse, harassment and online stalking said the bill does not do enough to stop banned people from setting up new accounts
  • Roberts said “Regardless of whether an abuser’s account is blocked or taken down, perpetrators make the time to start another and start again. It highlights why those loopholes need to be filled and this has to stop!”
  • In a statement, the artist said, “I am unconcerned with chasing the rabbit… I would rather just fill the hole”
  • A government spokesperson added that anonymous accounts were important for certain groups of people, including those “exploring their sexuality or suffering domestic abuse”.
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Students may get Advanced Notice of 2022 Exams

  • Students taking GCSEs, A-levels, and vocational exams in England next year, are likely to have advanced notice of topics
  • The proposal is intended to counter the impact of covid disruption on young people’s educational achievement
  • The Department for Education (DfE) and the exam regulator Ofqual have launched a three-week consultation on the proposed changes, where they will collect views of pupils, parents, and teachers
  • The planned ‘advanced notice’ will support students to focus their revision and preparation
  • Details are still to be confirmed in the autumn term
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Children Behind in Speech and Understanding due to Lockdown

  • Up to 1.5 million children face being left behind in their capacity to speak and understand following the disruption caused by the pandemic
  • A majority of teachers are worried that children who are behind may not be able to catch up
  • The governments in England, Scotland, and Wales are spending more than £3bn on plans to help pupils catch up
  • A survey by communication charity I CAN reported that 67% of secondary school teachers believe the children they teach are behind on their speaking and/or understanding
  • 60% of the same group said they were worried that pupils would not be able to catch up
  • Jane Harris, I CAN chief executive said: “For 1.5 million children to be struggling to be able to speak and to understand what is being said to them should be a wake-up call to the government and the education sector
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