Apple says it will refuse government demands to use new child safety system for surveillance  

  • Apple says it will refuse any government demands to use its new system for other criminal or national security investigations. 
  • This comes after Apple announced a new Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) detection system coming to US apple devices in iOS 15.
  • This feature involves automatically scanning photos before being uploaded to iCloud. 
  • Their response comes following concerns of the new feature’s potential for surveillance and scanning of non-CSAM images.
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Results day 2021 – thousands wait on grades  

  • A-level, AS-level and GCSE results in England, Wales andNorthern Irelandwill be awarded through teacher-assessed gradesoverseen by examination boards this week.
  • A record number of school-leavers have applied through UCAS for places on university courses in the autumn, with 43% of the UK’s 18-year-olds wanting to enter higher education.  
  • University admission officers have reported strong demand for health-related courses such as nursing and medicine. 
  • UCAS figures show that a record number of students have been accepted onto UK degree courses starting in September.   
  • In total, 435,430 students have had places confirmed on an undergraduate course in the UK, up 5% from last year
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Twitter testing a ‘remove follower’ function  

  • Twitter is testing a new feature which would enable you to remove specific followers from your audience.
  • The new option would enable you to simply remove a follower, stopping them from seeing your tweets.  
  • However, these users could still search for your profile and tweets in the Twitter App and re-follow you again if they choose.  
  • This feature is useful for removing followers without blocking them
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Twitch will give streamers more info on why they were banned 

  • Twitch’s suspensions are about to get a little clearer for streamers. From this week onwards, Twitch suspension notices will include the name and date of the content that violated the platform guidelines. 
  • The new system is more specific than before.  
  • It points to a single stream, which can consist of hours of content but fails to explain the exact moment that was in violation of community guidelines
  • For more information on Twitch, read our blog and check out our safety card, here. 
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