Google Play Store makes changes in new updates

  • Google is changing the way that apps work on Android.
  • Starting in August 2021, developers wishing to publish new Android apps on the Google Play Store will have to change how these apps are packaged.
  • Instead of APK (Android Application Package), apps are required to use the AAB (Android App Bundle) framework instead.
  • While AABs were introduced with Android 9 in 2018, only now is Google insisting that developers use it for new apps.
  • Most importantly, AAB’s should make it harder to tamper with apps and introduce malware or harmful content.
  • Full story, here.

LGBTQ+ organisations back school guidance around transgender pupils 

  • LGBTQ+ charities have backed new guidance from the Scottish Government around how schools should approach helping and supporting transgender pupils.
  • The guidance was published by the Scottish Government on Thursday.
  • It covers a range of issues, including the use of bathrooms, residential trips, and how teachers should deal with young people ‘coming out’.
  • The guidance has an additional focus on ensuring policies take into consideration the impact on all students.
  • It’s been backed by charities such as LGBT Scotland, Scotland’s Children and Young Person’s Commissioner and by Scotland’s largest teaching union, the EIS.
  • Although, the EIS is calling for sufficient time for the document to be considered alongside other requirements for teachers.
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Social media fraud: The influencers promoting criminal scams

  • On social media, some influencers are promoting fraud and luring new recruits by selling guides on committing fraud.
  • An investigation by BBC Panorama revealed how easy it was to engage with fraudsters and purchase fraud guides online.
  • The guides target banks, retailers and even the government’s Universal Credit system, leaving organisations and members of the public out of pocket.
  • These schemes rely heavily on full information or “fullz” – including full names, phone numbers, addresses and bank details.
  • For tips on how to spot scams, check out our blog post, here.
  • Full story, here.

Discord, DLive, Steam and Twitch’s far-right communities

  • Research published by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has found that several major gaming platforms play host to extremist activity.
  • Since the online harassment campaign known as Gamergate, this investigation has uncovered various kinds of extremist activity, from racially abusive livestreams to open support for neo-Nazi terrorists.
  • The ISD investigated four platforms: Steam, Discord, DLive and Twitch.
  • It found 24 far-right chat servers on Discord, 45 public groups associated with far-right group on Steam, 100 far-right channels on DLive and 91 channels and 73 videos on Twitch.
  • All of these were publicly accessible as ISD didn’t have access to any private chats or groups requiring passwords.
  • Full story, here.