Roblox to start opt-in age verification for users  

  • Roblox is adding an age verification feature that will allow players to confirm their age and gain access to features reserved for older players.
  • This feature will be optional and not needed to play most Roblox games.
  • The age verification will be required for users who want to gain early access to Roblox’s upcoming voice chat features.
  • Roblox announced its plan for ‘Spatial Voice’ which aims to reflect the way voices carry in the real world like the popular Among Us ‘mod’ (a modification/add-on) ‘Proximity Chat’.
  • The age verification feature will require users to scan a form of ID using the Roblox app and to take a selfie to verify they are a real user (as opposed to uploading a photo).
  • Roblox has revealed that ID document data won’t be stored.
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Grammar school given termination warning over sexist culture

  • A grammar school has been threatened with having its funding agreement withdrawn after Ofsted found pupils felt unsafe.
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS) in Essex has received a termination warning notice from inspectors.
  • An Ofsted inspection of CRGS, carried out in May, found that pupils felt unsafe from sexist and racist comments.
  • The inspection report found that leadership, behaviour, attitudes and personal development in the school were inadequate.
  • Ofsted remarked that the school failed to address a “pervading culture in the school which does not promote equality and respect.
  • This follows Ofsted’s visit to 32 schools and colleges and interviews with more than 900 young people about sexual harassment after testimonies were posted on the Everyone’s Invited website.
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 Ofsted to review COVID-19 catch-up initiatives 

  • Ofsted has been asked by the government to review the effectiveness of two main COVID-19 catch-up plans – tutoring and teachers’ professional development.
  • The independent review will investigate how the government’s policies are working by gathering evidence through research visits and from its school inspections.
  • Tutoring and teacher development were the two key elements of a £1.4billion catch up plan announced by the Department for Education earlier this year.
  • The inspection will also evaluate how well tutoring has been integrated into the school curriculum and the likelihood that it will help children catch-up after the disruption caused by COVID-19.
  • The findings are expected to be published in early 2023 and early 2024.
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 Vaccine minister criticises the intimidation of headteachers 

  • The vaccine minister, Maggie Throup, has criticised the threats and intimation being faced by headteachers in schools about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.
  • This follows the circulation of a letter threatening headteachers with legal action if children are given COVID-19 vaccines without parental consent on behalf of anti-vax groups.
  • Headteachers reported receiving threats via letters and social media, including threats of legal action, violence, and death threats.
  • Maggie Throup urges any headteachers facing intimidation via letters or social media to contact the School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS).
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