Ditch the Label releases ‘The Wireless Report 2021”

  • Youth charity Ditch the Label has released ‘The Wireless Report 2021’.
  • This is a comprehensive report into how young people aged 13-25 are currently engaging with and using social media and technology.
  • Over 13,000 respondents across the UK provided their insights into online behaviours, time spent on platforms and how young people compare themselves with others.
  • Key findings shows that 4-in-10 children and young people experienced online abuse and only 15% believe that social networks and apps they use have sufficient moderation.
  • 1-in-4 children have received unwanted sexual messages or images from strangers online, with 21% reporting that they were at least 10 years older than them.
  • 1-in-5 children regularly compare themselves, their successes, and their happiness to people they follow online.
  • Full report, here.


The scope and scale of child sexual abuse online

  • The WeProtect Global Alliance published a report last week outlining the scale and scope of child sexual exploitation and abuse online around the world.
  • The survey included responses from more than 5,000 18- to-20-year- olds in 54 countries around the world who had regular access to the internet as children.
  • Findings showed that 54% of respondents had experienced at least one online sexual harm during childhood and 34% had been asked to do something sexually explicit online they were uncomfortable with.
  • 65% of respondents who identified as LGBQ+ experienced an online sexual harm, compared to 46% who didn’t identify as LGBQ+.
  • Technology companies surveyed showed most are using tools to detect child sexual abuse material, but only 37% currently use tools to detect online grooming.
  • Full report, here.


Dating app ‘Hinge’ adds voice notes and voice prompts to dating profiles

  • The dating app ‘Hinge’ is adding new audio features to profiles and messages.
  • New updates let users answer “getting to know you” prompts on their profile using audio clips and exchange voice notes in chat with other users.
  • The feature rolled out globally on Wednesday.
  • Voice is the new dimension for digital dating.
  • Other dating apps like ‘Bumble’ and ‘Happn’ have already accommodated voice notes in their apps and ‘String’ only allows voice communication.
  • Dating apps aren’t designed with children and young people in mind and they could be exposed to age-inappropriate interactions and potential harm.
  • For more information on dating apps and risks for young people, check out our blog post.
  • Full story, here.