Roblox sues YouTuber for over $1.6 million  

  • Roblox is taking YouTuber, Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon to court over alleged attacks on the platform and its young users.
  • The lawsuit contains several allegations including sexual harassment, terrorist threats, homophobic and racial slurs and tying to upload pictures of Hitler.
  • While Ruben Sim has been banned from Roblox, he allegedly continues to access the platform using alternate/fake accounts and harass Roblox staff with libellous comments.
  • Ruben Sim’s YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers and makes approximately $600 per video through Patreon.
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Cosmetic surgery ads aimed at under-18s to be banned in UK

  • Cosmetic surgery clinics are to be banned from targeting adverts for procedures to under-18s.
  • The rules ban adverts on all forms of media – from social media to newspapers and influencer marketing that are aimed at under-18s or appeal to that age group.
  • The changes come into force in May, following a consultation by the Committee for Advertising Practice (Cap).
  • The consultation investigated the potential harm of cosmetic procedure ads on mental health and body image pressures.
  • While it is illegal to perform procedures on under-18s, there are no current restrictions on advertising.
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One in 10 UK families will struggle to cover basics this winter

  • According to findings from Citizen’s Advice, one in 10 UK families will struggle to cover basics this winter.
  • They will struggle to cover necessities such as food and heating.
  • One in five UK adults had to cut back on food expenses, turned off the heating and one in 10 anticipate the use of food banks.
  • Citizens Advice is urging the government to bring forwards its standard uprating of benefits from April to December – as an extra £30 a month would help.
  • This follows adjustments to universal credit for working claimants, but critics argue this leaves those who can’t work, carers, parents of young children and sick or disabled individuals at a disadvantage.
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