Three in four girls have been sent sexual images via apps

  • A study by University College London and the University of Kent has found that three in four girls have been sent a sexual image via apps.
  • The study highlights the lack of accountability and identity checking on platforms and criticises reporting functions on the apps.
  • The study found that over half had received sexual images without their consent and didn’t report.
  • 25% told a friend, 5% told their parents and 2% told their schools.
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Twitter suspended accounts accidentally after abuse of new private media

  • Twitter has suspended several accounts by mistake after far-right extremists exploited the new private media policy.
  • The policy allows individuals to request takedowns of photos or videos that contain a user’s image.
  • Far-right extremists sought to remove pictures of them taken at hate rallies and remove accounts that keep track of white supremacy rallies.
  • Twitter has faced criticism over the vague language within the new policy, specifically due to the ramifications it could have on journalists and other users who have a legitimate reason for posting images of others online.
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 Rise in children being exposed to harmful sexual content

  • In a recent survey of their frontline workers, Barnardo’s have warned that children as young as seven are being bombarded with harmful online sexual material.
  • The survey shows a rise in the number of children participating in acts they have seen in pornographic videos, despite feeling uncomfortable or scared.
  • Frontline workers warn that pornography is freely available in all settings of children’s lives and describe the impact on their wellbeing as “corrosive.”
  • If a child has seen something harmful online, check out our video.
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Increase in number of primary school pupils missing at least half of schooling

  • There has been a five-fold increase in the number of primary pupils missing at least half of their scheduled schooling hours in Scotland.
  • Figures from the Scottish Liberal Democrats show that the rate has risen from 0.2% to 1%.
  • Figures also show that over a quarter (25.4%) of pupils were absent for more than 10% of the academic year.
  • This has raised concerns about the potential impact on pupils and follows accusations that the Scottish Government has not done enough to help students who miss schooling due to the pandemic.
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Drug strategy to tackle 300,000 problem users

  • The government will aim to provide rehab for 300,000 drug users who carry out half of robbery related crimes in England and Wales.
  • This 10-year strategy would also tackle 2,000 county lines gangs.
  • Other measures include using dealers’ seized phones to message clients and discourage drug use, expansion of testing on arrest and giving judges the power to order testing on those serving community sentences.
  • This strategy is due to published in full later today.
  • For more information on County Lines, check out our blog post.
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