VP of Twitch Trust and Safety at Twitch releases update

  • VP of Trust and Safety at Twitch, Angela Hession released an update on measures taken to ensure the safety of its creators and users.
  • In response to ‘hate raids’ targeting streamers of colour and members of the LGBTQ+ community, Twitch removed over 15 million ‘bot’ accounts.
  • Twitch is continuing site-wide monitoring and proactive detection updated and pursuing legal action against individuals responsible.
  • Twitch’s Hateful Conduct, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment policy was updated to take a tougher and clearer stance on harmful behaviours.
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(These stories contain descriptions that may be upsetting)




Man jailed for posing as teen girl to abuse schoolboys online

  • Oliver Derbidge from Glastonbury has been jailed for 12 years after admitting to posing as a teenage girl to manipulate schoolboys.
  • He aimed to manipulate young boys to take indecent images of themselves and to receive videos of them abusing other children.
  • The National Crime Agency began investigating Derbidge in January 2021.
  • He had previously expressed a sexual interest in young boys across several child abuse forums.
  • Derbidge targeted a total of 23 young boys on Snapchat and blackmailed them to send additional images and footage of them abusing other children.
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Oldham child sexual abuse inquiry ‘concludes authorities covered up serious failings’

  • A child sexual exploitation inquiry in Oldham has found authorities covered up ‘serious failings’ in their treatment of a 12-year-old girl who was raped.
  • Part of the report shows both Oldham Council and Greater Manchester Police will be heavily criticised when it is published in full.
  • Authorities allegedly “turned a blind eye” as she was abused by a string of adult men, including two who assaulted her after picking her up outside a police station.
  • The girl suffered more than 20 sexual assaults by eight men in one night, including 15 rapes.
  • She previously told professionals she was being groomed by a teacher, but this was dismissed as ‘attention seeking’.
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Scottish pupils ‘humiliating teachers through TikTok and online dating profiles’

  • Pupils have been humiliating teachers through the creation of embarrassing and harmful online content including false dating profiles.
  • Seamus Searson, general secretary at the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, claims that he “would not be surprised if the problem was occurring on a weekly basis”.
  • This comes after concerns over young people using TikTok to post hurtful and abusive content.
  • Searson says that the irresponsible and potentially harmful use of social media was “always a problem” that “doesn’t really go away”.
  • For more information and advice, check out our blog post.
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Mental healthcare capacity for UK teens falls sharply during pandemic

  • The number of mental healthcare beds for children and teenagers in England has declined sharply during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The availability of hospital beds for young people, mostly aged between 13 and 18, has fallen by a fifth since 2017 despite a surge in demand for treatment.
  • According to figures from the Care Quality Commission, more than half of beds available were cut last year.
  • Approximately 325 beds have been removed in the past five years, dropping by 20%.
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Schools in England say government not providing enough air purifiers

  • A survey by the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) suggests that the Department for Education may have underestimated the demand for air purifiers.
  • The government sent out 350,000 air monitors to measure the quantity of CO2 in the air but only provided around 8,000 air purifiers for classrooms.
  • Of the nine in 10 schools that received the monitors, more than a third (34%) found classrooms with consistently poor levels of ventilation.
  • Of those, more than half (53%) reported that rooms continued having a red reading, denoting poor air quality after taking actions.
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