Instagram Increases Response Options in Stories Polls 

  • Instagram has updated their Poll feature to enable users to add up to four responses – previously, users could only add two.
  • The aim of this update is to generate more engagement with Stories and to allow creators to get more in-depth replies on the Poll topic.
  • Learn more about this on Social Media Today’s website.

Apple unveils AirTag safety guide

  • Apple AirTags are designed to locate your lost items using their ‘Find My’ network, with the tags attaching to your keys or wallet.
  • BBC News have previously found evidence that AirTags were maliciously used to track people and last week reported that several women had been notified that AirTags were tracking them without their knowledge.
  • Apple has released a new Personal User Safety Guide with step-by-step instructions on how users can protect themselves from technology enabled abuse, stalking or harassment.
  • Read the full story on the BBC News website under ‘Technology’.

Watchdog calls for fines for influencers who fail to declare paid posts  

  • The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) told MPs it needed stronger tools to enforce consumer protection laws.
  • The CMA has called on the government for the power to fine social media influencers for failure to declare paid posts.
  • Due to the rising scale of influencer driven marketing, the CMA stated that there is a need for more powerful deterrents, because of low level of enforcement across social media platforms themselves.
  • Read more on this story on The Guardian’s website.

Social media use linked to worse physical health   

  • Research into social media use has often focused on the effect on mental health of users rather than physical health.
  • However, a new study has found that participants who used social media excessively were more likely to have chronic inflammation that predicts other illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.
  • Results also suggested excessive social media use was linked to more frequent headaches, chest and back pains and more frequent visits to medical appointments.
  • To learn more about this story, visit NextGov’s website.