Messenger adds New Features  

  • Meta owned Messenger has announced new features to coincide with Valentine’s Day.  
  • The platform will add expanded voice messages, voice message previews and split bill payments for US users.  
  • The duration of voice messages will increase from 1 minute to 30 minutes, users will also be able to preview their voice messages before sending. 
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Facebook and Instagram Launch anti-extremism tool  

  • Facebook and Instagram users in the UK who search for content related to organised hate or violent extremism will now be redirected to resources and support.
  • The Redirect Initiative will replace top search results for extremist-related content with a link for help and support. 
  • Facebook research indicates that challenging violent and extremist views with positive ‘counter speech’ is one of the most effective ways to combat extremist views. 
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Survey finds than 1 in 5 girls experience Cyberflashing  

  • A  survey by Girlguiding of 13-21-year-olds also found that more than a third had experienced sexist comments, a fifth have been sexually harassed, and 16 per cent said they had been pressured to share nude pictures. 
  • Almost eight out of ten girls and young women have experienced online harm, which is having a negative impact on their mental health, the survey found.
  • Just 15 per cent of the 1,000 women and girls surveyed last month think that social media is a safe place for them.
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More than 300 Children ‘saved from harm’ during online crackdown

  • Last year the Essexbased Police Online Investigation Team safeguarded 303 children, carried out 287 raids, made 133 arrests and secured 212 positive outcomes in cases.
  • Temporary Detective Inspector Jim Adams leads the team and says the work they do “has never been more important”. 
  • This comes amid warnings from the Internet Watch Foundation that almost 90% of Online Child Sexual Abuse Content is hosted in Europe.  
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