Netflix to be judged by Ofcom over controversial shows

  • Netflix and other streaming websites will face judgement over controversial shows by Ofcom under new proposals from the government.
  • The Culture Secretary aims to level the playing field between internet services and traditional broadcasters like the BBC by bringing them under Ofcom’s supervision.
  • This will mean on-demand platforms like Netflix will be bound by broadcasting code and viewers will be able to complain to Ofcom about programmes.
  • This follows a string of controversies regarding content which can be harmful, especially to young people, for example, graphic depictions of suicide in the show ‘13 Reasons Why’.
  • You can read the full story on the Telegraph’s website.

Twitter must continue to protect users from harm after Elon Musk buyout

  • Downing Street has said that Twitter must continue to protect its users from harmful content after the billionaire bought the platform.
  • He bought the platform with the promise of reducing censorship on the platform and has described himself as a ‘free speech absolutist’.
  • Human rights groups have raised concerns that lack of moderation will lead to a rise in hate speech.
  • The NSPCC has said urgent clarity is required over the approach the newly led Twitter will take on tackling online abuse.
  • You can read the full story on the Yahoo News website.

Google may remove search results that ‘dox you’

  • Google is expanding the types of information it will remove from search results to cover things like physical addresses, phone numbers and passwords.
  • Before now, the feature only covered information that would let someone steal identity or money, but now it covers more personal information.
  • They will also remove things like non-consensual explicit images, intimate personal images, pornographic deepfakes or links to websites with exploitative removal practices.
  • You can read the full story on the Verge website.

Independent review needed of Wales’ social services

  • The British Association of Social Workers Cymru have said Wales needs an independent review of children’s social services after the death of Logan Mwangi.
  • Logan Mwangi was removed from the child protection register a month before his death, in which he was murdered by his mother, stepfather and a teenager in 2021.
  • The association has said that social workers were not included in the planning during COVID-19, despite ‘huge concerns’ in relation to children’s safeguarding prior to the pandemic.
  • The Welsh government has said they are committed to transforming children’s services.
  • You can read the full story on the BBC’s website.