TikTok’s launching Twitch-like subscriptions in beta

  • TikTok has announced a program which lets viewers pay to subscribe to specific live streamers they want to support.
  • Live subscription will give fans access to perks like subscriber-only chat, creator-specific emotes and badges.
  • This will launch in beta on May 26th according to an announcement video from the TikTok live creator page.
  • You can read the full story on the Verge’s website.

UK watchdog fines facial recognition firm over £7.5m

  • The UK’s data watchdog has fined a facial recognition company (Clearview AI) £7.5 million.
  • The company was fined for collecting images of people from social media platforms and the web to add to a global database.
  • Clearview AI was also ordered to delete the data of UK residents from its systems.
  • The company had collected more than 20 billion images of people’s faces.
  • You can read the full story on the Guardian’s website.

Review of Children’s Social Care cannot stop evil against children, but will limit cases

  • An education minister has said that reforms to children’s social care will not prevent evil but offer an opportunity to limit the number of tragic cases.
  • The independent review in England has priorities including improving the protection system and supporting families to care for their children.
  • The minister acknowledged he cannot prevent further neglect or abuse cases such as Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson.
  • However, he stated that the review offers a road map to ensure they are rarer.
  • You can read the full story on the Independent’s website.